Flying drone



Our drone, assembled by filmakingfarm’s specialists due to the lack of availability on the italian market, allows us to do aerial shootings with professional cameras. Lots of drones on sale are small and can carry only light cameras, not the weight of a more heavy and professional redcam or a 5D camera, instead our drone, with its over 20 kg and 8 propellers allows us to lift up equipment for over 12 kg.
The flying machines regulation draft granted by ENAC ratify that flying machines that weight 20 kg or more must be steer by pilots with professional VDS certificate. Our pilots have over 20 years of certified VDS experience.



This theoric knowledge combined with the skills learned working as filmakers allow us to obtain perfect shoots in safety.
Safety is an important subject because our drone is equipped with both hardware and software components that protect it and the people nearby in case of problems: if the contact with remote control is lost, the pilot loses control, batteries run low or motors stop working it will automatically return to the start point marked by GPS. If it can’t return to the starting point it will land safely and will point out its position to the remote control. The pilot can also set a maximum distance radius that the drone will never surpass.



The drone is classified as an automatic vehicle without internal and pilot with electrical propulsion, able of vertical landing and roll out, and able to transport weight. Thanks to its features and with the proper equipment it can analyze and gather informations in dangerous or hard to reach places like dikes, machinery, unstable buildings, bridges, viaducts, trellis, mountain gaps and so on.

drone application


It can be used for civil purposes, aerial shootings, cinematography, ambient control, survey, geomatics, photogrammetry, ortophoto and other inspections.
Usually the drone is controlled by two operators: the pilot that uses the remote control or tablet-pc and an operator that controls the gymball to stabilize the images. The quality of the shooting is controlled right in place by the operator with monitor or goggles for FPV and UAV.